Perception of women

The contemporary society is actively blinded by the media.
Well known fact is that in some societies women always appear inferior to men. If a small child cries, he is told not to cry like a girl, hence crying, fear, and all other traits that represent weakness, are associated with women. Sexuality somehow is perceive as taboo and ignoring the discussions about this subject  creates a distorted understanding about sexuality and relationships in many young people.
Another problem is that the modern society added to much responsibility and wrong conceptions to our existence and destroyed this balance in many different ways.
Please, do not forget that nothing is perfect. Do not expect perfectness in a world built by imperfections. We are part of the nature. In the nature shame and prejudices doesn`t exists.
Women have their own identity, whether people like it or not. As a man I have to admit that , this is what man fear. In all advertisements and commercial images women are flawless, beautiful with perfect physical appearance, but this is just another hoax that media is creating. This also contributes to wrong women perception. Can you imagine how a young person suffering from some kind of physical problem feels every time when he is walking around or watching TV, surrounded by extremely selective images of unrealistically flawless people!?
We are part of the nature and being natural is not a taboo. We are far from being perfect and this is the beauty of life. Beauty is in diversity.


My ideology about photographing women is simple. It`s about freedom and lack or prejustices, it`s about the correlation between my inner-self and my eyes.  I have the freedom to control and direct my perception.

You always show what you feel, not what you see. The way you see and live your life.

I dedicate this project to M.L. – she is a young woman, victim of domestic abuse.
This project and it`s effect created awareness in her about her situation and gave her strength ,and courage to continue forward.
Now she is fine in her new home.
She wished to remain anonymous and I respect her decision. The most important part of my work is based on respect and moral.