Scary “Google Translate AI”

Scary “Google Translate AI”

Some premature info

Nowdays everybody is talking about Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning algorithms and technologies… This is complicated matter and very few people out there understands autonomous systems and their application in real world. Are they as useful as Google and other software companies are trying to convict us? We now that almost every internet based app is using our personal data and actually we don`t know for what purpose it is used!?

Companies like Google, Unacast, Microsoft, Facebook... are collecting our metadata through their products and our accounts in their databases.
The collected data is being analysed with different “Behavioral pattern algorithms“. Friend of mine who is data scientist and worked for several companies specialized in graph data analysis explained me some of the aspects of those algos.

I`ll call the algorithms “Data spiders” and “Footstep-grid-matchers“. There may be called differently, but the idea is that they should be hidden from wide auditory.
Basically “Data spiders” are algorithms running real-time upon data servers and collecting our data in Graphs. Every graph is being scanned in optimized way from the “footstep-grid-matchers” who responsibility is to gather and create meaningful data in form of data context. I`ll give you a very simple example:

Let say, that I have an website called “”.
When you create account in you have to fill personal information fields as: email, username, your real name, country , city , phone, what do you like and so on… I`ll  call it personal record. My automated system can check your IP address , phone registration (in countries with public registers), all the places where you used your mail and phone to confirm your identity so  can be sure that it will be targeting actual person. Actually many modern so called : AI 
can do this operation with great accuracy.
Let say, that from your record I have enough information about you, i can use that information to send you a targeted ads and to follow your web activity.  But because you are modern person you have a smartphone. With the right permissions my app can collect your location data, contacts, web history and so on… This will give me enough information to create your virtual profile and analyse your behavioral patterns. For example: Which places you`ve visited, what kind of music you like, what kind of food you like, which movies you like, which is your bank, are you single or married, are you ill, do you have the intention to kill somebody and so on….
Actually the footstep-grid-matchers responsibility is to connect all this data in a meaningful form so it can be used further.

This is a very basic form how your data can be used to improve the accuracy of targeted ads, google translate accuracy, search speed and accuracy, and so on…  At least Google claims that… But to improve the speed and accuracy of analysis they use AI….

The scary part

Today i was playing with Google Translation API to provide translation context to one of my apps. Something very strange happened….
You have to send an http request to google servers and they will return translated text with default model.
The most important part of my request was:

  'q': 'I will commit suicide',
  'target': 'en'
... }

Because I was scratching my head with technical implementation for so many hours I wrote that stupid sentence 🙂
As a result of this request I got an answer from Google Translate API:

You have a good idea

WTF?? I was scratching my head what was happening… Then I realized that I was using wrong function to construct the text for the translation. 

function ExplodeAsSyllables(const AValue: string): string;

This function is separating given text as Syllables, so actually my string for translation was: 

Iw ill co mm it su icide

Ok. That was scary enough….
Then I sent another request because had a bug in my ExplodeAsSyllables function, and my text became to: 

Iw ill co mm it su ici de  

This time i got an answer:

You’re sick and I’m here

This could be a coincidence. My app is connected with fight game engine and i have some sentences like:

Im preparing attack  , my function transforms it to: Im pr ep ar in ga tta ck

Guess what answer i got from google:

It is important for you to get started

Really…. Is it coincidence???? Lets try another one:

My request: Do Im under investigation  ( Do im un de ri nv es ti ga ti on )
Google`s answer:  Make sure you've got a lot of money

And another one:

My request: Do you watch me ( Do yo uw at ch me )
Google`s answer:  What do you do?

My request: Why do you watching me? (Wh yy ou ar ew at ch in g me
Answer: How do you feel?

My request: Do you believe in god (Do yo ub el ie ve ingod)
Answer: Do not worry about it

Do you feel safe in the internet? Think twice…

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