I am working in very strict close-sourced IT idustry and under strict NDA.
The most complex and interesting projects where I`m involved are for private clients. The coding style and pgr. ideology here is not completely representative for my style. But anyway sharing is beautiful…

NET Audio guitar looper

GIT Repository

Sometimes I solve programming tasks just for fun and to keep a good mental shape 🙂 I am not very active there but, will keep solving till….:) 
This is my account in Hackerrank

“Free SCADA software
Free, Simple, Easy to use. Complex scada software capabilities boxed in simple user-interface and functionality.
Free to commercial and personal use. Powerful visual Drag and Drop editor and scripting features.


Simple server application which runs on Raspberry Pi devices and communicates  with Micset Scada application through TCP/IP protocol.
It allows reading/writing IO GPIO ports and some peripherials.

GIT Repository

Incredibly powerful IDE extension which extends IDE functionality.

GIT Repository