Spontaneous images of Kristina. We are living in strange times where many existing human values which were accepted for right until now – slowly vanishes. Women trying to be stronger and replace the man roles in many aspect of the life. Healty lifestyle became obssesion and simple human emotions are unfashioned. Many people are modifying their appearance with insane medical manipulations, because they are trying to adapt to the modern era. Normal women are trying look perfect, and as a side effect they look like bodybuilders accepting the fact that man will be attracted from perfect shapes and bunch of muscles. There is a single truth in this life, which is called NATURE – natural. If you cannot accept your own body you won`t be peaceful with yourself. Your relationship’s will fail slowly and your complexes will grow in time. Believe or not – appearance is temporary state 🙂 Almost every man has enough masculinity, rudeness, toughness and animal instincts in his nature.
That`s why every man will appreciate fine soul, femininity and natural beauty. This is my purpose when photographing women. To show their femininity in every way, without artificial elements and fake ostentation. And their reaction after seeing my photographs is always: “Wow” so gentle… Yes, because it is in you… Do not try to replace it with something else.